Where should I send my supplemental materials such as transcripts or test scores?

Please send all documents to

My supporting documents are not in English. Do I need to have them translated?

All supporting documents, except for the Statement of Motivation, may be written in either French or English. If your documents are not in French or English, you must have them translated. The Statement of Motivation must be written in English.

What information should my CV or résumé include?

Prepare a professional CV or résumé of your work experience, research interests, educational background, publications, awards, special skills and abilities. Include current email addresses and updated contact information. A short, well-organized synopsis of your skills and experience is always an advantage. Include your nationality, language capabilities and any computer or software knowledge. Specialized coursework may also be appropriate.

What is a Statement of Motivation?

ASE requires all applicants to write a detailed Statement of Motivation which describes your reasons for applying to the program of your choice, drawing on relevant research or professional experience, as well as your career objectives. Applicants should demonstrate how past experiences have motivated them to study at ASE and how ASE will help them achieve their career goals. Statements of Purpose should be 500 words (no longer than one page), grammatically correct, and typed in size 12 font.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?

Recommendations are intended to showcase your academic achievements and potential success. At least one of your letters of recommendation must be from a former professor or university faculty member who is familiar with your work. While most applicants provide two letters from professors, applicants with substantial work experience may ask a former manager or internship supervisor to write a recommendation on their behalf.

Letters of recommendation that are written by family members, friends or peers will not be accepted. References should have a professional relationship with the applicant.

Can I submit my letters of recommendation to ASE?

No, all letters of recommendation must submitted directly from the person of reference. Letters submitted by the applicant will not be accepted.

Where should my references send their letters of recommendation?

Please send all documents to

What format is required for the letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation must be typed, on official letterhead and signed by the reference. PDF format is preferred.

Can I submit more than two letters of recommendation?

Yes. ASE has no limit on the number of letters of recommendation.

Should transcripts be sent to ASE directly from the school or can the applicant submit their transcripts?

Transcripts may be sent to ASE either from the school or the applicant. Transcripts must be official, in PDF format and list your name, the institution name, coursework and final marks. Please include an explanation of the grading system.

Do I need to submit transcripts from institutions where I did not pursue a degree?

No, applicants are only required to submit transcripts from degree-seeking institutions.

Does ASE have a minimum TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC score requirement?

English tests are not mandatory at ASE but highly recommended. There is no minimum test score; however, ASE prefers applicants with strong English language skills. Ideally, applicants will have a score of 100 iBT for the TOEFL and 7.0 for the IELTS.