Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

The advantage of ASE’s MBA program lies in its emphasis on quantitative and analytical methods and its broad range of partnerships with universities and corporations worldwide. These partnerships will provide students of the program unique exposure to the international business environment and the opportunity to work with some of its major players. The program offers two sub-fields: Finance and Marketing & Management.

Course Details
Duration2 years (full time)
StartSeptember 2018
  1. Microeconomics I
  2. Macroeconomics I
  3. Mathematics
  4. Statistics & Applied Econometrics
  5. Introduction to Accounting and Auditing
  6. Computing
  7. English
  1. Macroeconomics II (Applied Times Series)
  2. Marketing and Marketing Research
  3. Economics History
  4. Qualitative Data Analysis
  5. Finance I (Macro Finance)
  6. Management: Logistics, Supply-Chain and HR
  1. Business Law & Ethics
  2. Organizational Behavior
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Operation Research and Project Management
  5. Finance II (Corporate Finance)
  6. Reading Courses
  1. Research Design
  2. Thesis Seminar
  3. Internship

Full-time master’s degrees are offered in a two-year timeframe, while part-time degrees are offered in a three-year timeframe. Prior to the start of their studies, students take math and English placement exams and are required to complete preparatory coursework one month before the start of the academic year. Prior to the start of their second year, students must pass a comprehensive examination. All students are required to complete several core classes; they also have a choice of elective courses, and write a thesis in their final semester.

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