Julio S. Solís

Previous Degree: Bachelor in Political Science; Bachelor in International Relations. Both from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
What languages do you speak? Spanish (native), English, and currently learning French!
What did you choose to study from ASE? I came to ASE seeking to combine serious training in economics with the chance to live in the region of my academic interest. I also look forward to joining IERPE's research agenda in order to acquire more experience in development economics.
What do you enjoy most about studying at ASE? I enjoy spending time with my classmates and the effort they put into every class. I admire ASE’s preparation particularly in the field of mathematics and its willingness to learn from every opportunity.
Previous research experience: I worked as a research assistant for some of Mexico's most important universities in the social sciences including El Colegio de México, CIDE, and ITAM. I currently work as a research assistant for a professor at UC Davis.
What are your plans after you finish your degree at ASE? I will go on to pursue a PhD degree in social sciences at a university in the United States.
What is your current area of research interest? Political order and violence.
What would your advice be to future students of ASE? Try to get used to the hard work as soon as you can. Make a routine and organize your day to study a lot!