Newton Toe

Previous Degree: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology by United Methodist University (UMU), Class of 2012
What languages do you speak? English
What did you choose to study from ASE? I chose ASE because it is an institution that empowers young people who are passionate about research and who want to advance the African continent.
Previous research experience: I have more than three years of professional research experience in both qualitative and quantitative research with respect to data collection, questionnaire development, standard data validation, and interactive behavior measurement (IBM) relating to women and vulnerable youth populations in Liberia and surrounding countries.
What are your plans after you finish your degree at ASE? I intend to pursue a Ph.D. with the hopes of implementing the tools I’ve learned through my studies to real-world problems.
What would your advice be to future students of ASE? I would tell future students that in order to be successful here, one must truly be passionate about learning because the courses are challenging.