Patel Gbedjemaiho

Previous Degree: B.A in Business Management (Option: International Trade)
What languages do you speak? French, English, Fon-gbe
What did you choose to study from ASE? After obtaining my degree in Business Management and acquiring various professional experiences, I decided to enroll in the MBA program at ASE in 2017 to diversify my skills and further my knowledge, particularly in empirical research methods.
What do you enjoy most about studying at ASE? ASE offers an incredible opportunity to explore and acquire the knowledge necessary for success in each program offered. For example, I enjoyed the improvement English and Mathematics courses offered at the beginning of the first semester. I also greatly appreciate the availability of ASE's professors and administration, who work hard to help students achieve their goals. In particular, the PiAfs (Princeton in Africa Fellows) have helped me remarkably not only with strengthening my English but also with familiarizing myself with North American writing methodologies.
Previous research experience: While pursuing my Bachelor’s degree thesis in Business Management, I conducted a study on varying perspectives on how to best optimize the Bank of Africa Benin’s (BOA) customer relationships through digital marketing. Through this academic internship with BOA, I was able to conduct a diagnosis of its customer relationship in the digital age. My research raised several issues including the one of the non-optimal management of the BOA's customer relationship. The study revealed that the non-optimal management of BOA's customer relationship in the digital age is due to an unsustainable administrative vision of the positive benefits of implementing a digital marketing strategy. This experience allowed me to gain first-hand experience in empirical research, and to apply my theoretical knowledge to the realities of the workplace. This research allowed me to formulate a set of suggestions for the optimization of the BOA's customer relationship regarding digital marketing.
What are your plans after you finish your degree at ASE? I am passionate about solving community problems through solutions designed and applied by the communities themselves. I therefore plan to become a social and solidarity entrepreneur who focuses on developing local solutions to local problems. Indeed, being a recipient of a scholarship from the prestigious Konrad Adenauer Foundation to pursue this MBA, I believe I must use my skills to the benefit of my community. I therefore intend to intensify my associative commitment as well, because having already been involved in civil society for years, I believe that one of the solutions to the problems that we face is to commit ourselves as youth to solving them through community projects.
What is your current area of research interest? I am currently working on a research project examining the direct and indirect impacts that climate change may have on international trade in the Sub-Saharan African Countries (SSAC). This project aims to rethink the rules of international trade in favor of the SSAC that are victims of climate change. These countries have weak economic and social structures that prevent them from effectively dealing with the challenges of international trade.
What would your advice be to future students of ASE? Be ready to be leaders in your communities and to be role models for others. When you come to ASE, you have access to all the resources you need to reach your goals. ASE’s reputation, which distinguishes itself from other schools in the sub-region, is that it provides incredible prerequisite knowledge in each training program. So, it's up to you to organize yourself to take advantage of the opportunities that surround you.