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The African School of Economics aims to promote cutting-edge economic research, innovative public policy and to contribute to the emergence of world-class social scientists and business in Africa.

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The African School of Economics is one of the most distinguished graduate institutions in Africa. We are internationally acclaimed for our distinctive teaching approach that balances theory with professional practice.

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Spotlight on Lazare Kovo, a Former ASE Student in Full Bloom

Lazare Kovo is currently a Pre-Doctoral Fellow at the African School of Economics (ASE) and a researcher at the Institute ...

Published on 4 Jan 19
Why Being Smart is Not Enough: We Need Emotional Intelligence

On November 30, 2018 on the African School of Economics’ campus, presenter, Moses Ogenyi, a student in  Mathematics Economics and ...

Published on 7 Dec 18
TRG Finance/ Financial Inclusion presented by Djamiou Ohounko

Djamiou Ohounko, MBA Student at ASE, presented the Thematic Reading Group in Finance/Financial Inclusion held on Tuesday November 6th. The ...

Published on 26 Nov 18
GRE Training: ASE Pre-Docs Take a Simulation Test

On the 30th of October, predoctoral fellows of the African School of Economics took a paper-based GRE practice test as ...

Published on 26 Nov 18