Office of the President

  • President, Dr. Leonard Wantchekon
  • Program Manager, Dr. Meritxell Roca
  • Communication Officers, Mr. Gerard Guedegbe, Mr. Victor Emmanuel Ekwa-Bebe and Mr. Ernest Yao Agbekponou
  • Special Advisors, Prof. Sebastien Sotindjo and Mr. Mohammed Jacquet

Office of the Dean

  • Dean, Dr. Claude Domfang
  • Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Mrs. Clementine Assede
  • Associate Dean of Research - Dr. Alice Bonou
  • Associate Dean of Planning and Student Placement - Dr. David Gbaguidi
  • Manager of Academic Affairs, Mrs. Clementina Alamou
  • Bilingual Administrative Assistant (Professional and Students Placement), Hermine P. Lionnelle Boco

Department of Operations

  • Director of Operations - Mr. Hyacinthe Boko
  • Associate Director, Information Technology, Library - Mr. Sylvestre Yahouedehou
  • Associate Director, Logistics - Mr. Florent Tohionon
  • Assistant of Logistics - Mrs. Hermine Wantchekon
  • Drivers, Mr. Edmond Dannon, Mr. Donatien Tohionon, Mr. Saturnin Yetchenou
  • Maintenance Staff, Mr. David Gbedo, Mr. Nestor Hounsedo, Mr. Marc Nouala

Department of Finance and Administration

  • Director Finance and Administration, Mrs. Nadia Adisso Quenum
  • Associate Director Human Resources, Mrs. Gilberte Defly
  • Accountant, Mr. Adonis-Aubin Hounsokoun
  • Accountant Assistant, Mr. Louis Tomavo
  • Administrative Assistant, Mr. Christophe Nouhanou
  • Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Christiane Onadje


IERPE and IFM Staff

Senior Researchers

  • Dr. David Gbaguidi
  • Dr. Markus Olapade (IERPE Director)


  • Ernest Yao Agbekponou (Translator)
  • Mireille Dagniho (Monitoring and Evaluation Officer)

Research Associates

  • Andre Gueguehoun
  • Richard Houessou

Research Assistants

  • Lucrece  Ahandagbe
  • Laurent Biaou
  • Kodjo Mawuegnigan Djiffa
  • Horace Gninafon
  • Stephania Houngan
  • Clement Litchegbe
  • Romaric Samson