The Institute for African Studies (IAS)

The IAS specializes in qualitative research with particular emphasis on African history, sociology and anthropology.  In addition, the institute will promote African culture through the teaching of African languages, performing arts, and literary events for the community. African history is a major requirement in ASE’s curriculum and the IAS plays a central role in the implementation of this part of the academic program.

The African School of Economics is holding a series of seminars on African history in 2018. The first such seminar took place in March of 2018. These high-level exchanges between students and researchers will help students consolidate their knowledge of the continent and its past.

On the Trails of the Amazons of the Dahomey Kingdom

The Institue of African Studies of the African School of Economics is in the process of conducting a study focused on the history of the Amazons of the Kingdom, a unique institution in global military history.

Their brave exploits as warriors were celebrated in the box-office hit film “Black Panther.”

But where do they really come from? How were they trained? How were they organized? Better yet, what is their social history? In particular, how have the impacted the status of women in the communities where they lived during their military service?

With a team of histories from ASE, Professor Léonard Wantchékon retraced the steps of one of their warriors who served the kinds Guézo (1818-1858), Glèlè (1858-1889) et Béhanzin (1889-1894).

So the first step. The passionate history of the Amazon of king Guézo, ESSEYI called Yayiya (the mother of mothers), after the end of her military service in 1858 she lived in DOGA VEDJI, the birth village of Professeur Léonard Wantchékon until her death in 1948.